Stevie Nicks still rocks!

March 31, 2017

Pittsburgh, PA

Steve Nicks’ 24 Karat Gold Tour

Stevie Nicks tour

Photo credit: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

 I’m going to gush about Stevie’s concert.

I grew up to the music of Stevie Nicks. One of my personal goals is to see icons in concert. After we lost so many performers in 2016, I reaffirmed this goal. (Luckily I had seen Bowie and Prince years ago). Stevie’s 24 Karat Gold Tour fulfilled all my ideas of what it would be. Not only did she perform many of her hits, but she brought out what she called songs from her “dark Gothic trunk of lost songs.” In between songs she shared with us about her time with Lindsey Buckingham before Fleetwood Mac, how-when-why she wrote certain songs, and why she hasn’t performed certain songs ever and why she is performing them now.

My friends and I felt like we were sitting at a coffee shop hearing the details of a long lost Aunt’s life. Even though we were in a huge area and sitting fairly far away, she was so sweet and open and a little nervous at times, it felt intimate. She was just as magnificent as you would want her to be, dressed like a Gothic Enchantress, changing capes and scarves frequently.  Her voice was melodic and husky. She did her signature spin a few times to uproarious applause.

Chrissy Hynde and The Pretenders opened the show. Chrissy sounded great. She came out and sang with Stevie on “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.” Very cool. It’s worth noting that they started close to the time on the ticket which is fairly unusual. Most concerts I’ve been to in the last few years start at least 30 mins after ticket time and the headliner is on a good 45-60 mins after the opener. So if you go to this tour and the tickets says 7pm, get there well before 7pm so as not to miss anything.

A plea to the drunks: Some people were drunk and obnoxious (as people often are at concerts) and screamed and yelled for Stevie to “sing” while she was talking. It was horribly annoying and rude. If you go to a concert, please don’t be obnoxious. If you don’t like the performance you can storm out and demand a refund or write a terrible review, but please don’t ruin it for the rest of the audience.

I’m including a few videos I took from far away with my crappy phone. The picture isn’t great, but you can hear how wonderful she sounds. Enjoy.



New Orleans


If you’d like to watch these and a video of Moonlight on YouTube, go to my channel GeeksBurgh.

Thanks to Stevie and her band and the whole team for giving us a memorable performance.

Thanks for reading.

A quick note on the formatting. WordPress was giving me lots of grief about the font types and sizes. I finally decided that enough was enough and published with wonky fonts. Sorry if that bothered anyone while reading. 🙂




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