Doctor Who at the Hollywood Theater

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April 24, 2015

Doctor Who at the Hollywood Theater

Happy Birthday to me. Yes, I celebrated my birthday in true fangirl style this year at the Hollywood Theater watching “Doctor Who and the Daleks.”


This is a stand alone movie which used a plot from the tv series and changed a few things for a theatrical release. In this movie the Doctor is played by Peter Cushing as a human who invents the TARDIS. Is your mind blown? Mine was.


The Doctor, Barbara, Susan and Ian inside the TARDIS.

The movie was sponsored by the  Geek Pittsburgh website which is a good site to find geeky activities in the city.

Did I mention there were Dalek and TARDIS cookies? There were and they were delicious.


There was a costume contest which I believe should have had a group category in which my group would have won.  We were River Song, Amy Pond and the Doctor.


  That’s us.


                                                               Here’s Liora and me getting ready to cosplay!

Not the best pic due to the facts that we were up on a stage with poor lighting. Thanks Amy Philips-Haller for taking pics even if the conditions weren’t optimal.

In the end, an adorable little boy dressed as the Doctor won the contest and that was great. He and I posed together afterward, because what’s the 11th Doctor without River? I mean, really people.


That Dalek has been exterminated with prejudice!

My daughter and I had our picture taken which was featured on the Hollywood’s website! Cool!


River Song and Amy Pond

Daughter and Mother played by Mother and Daughter

IMG_0831IMG_0830IMG_0834   IMG_0844


   Some folks who attended this event and helped me celebrate my birthday.

  Thanks everybody!

I will end by saying that everyone should try to patronize the Hollywood Theater. They have many different special events and regular movie times. If you have an event you want to see happen, contact them and they might make it happen.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday special, especially my kids.


Thanks for reading!


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4 thoughts on “Doctor Who at the Hollywood Theater

  1. The weather was nice, looks like the theater had a good turn out. Well, at least we won complementary popcorn passes! The secret word for the movie is: eye liner! : )


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