Steel City Con April 11, 2015

Blogpost #4  April 11, 2015

Hello, friends!

Today my daughter, Liora, and I went to @Steelcitycon. It’s still going on tomorrow (Sun) if you want to go.

Wow! What fun we had & so many great people we met!

We did our cosplay as River Song and the 11th Doctor.

IMG_0605            Liora in her 11th Doctor cosplay about to scan you with her sonic screwdriver!

IMG_0606 Look it’s the Doctor and River Song eating fudge.

Mmmm…..TARDIS fudge. Chocolate is better when it’s been through the time vortex.


River’s about to draw. You’d better run, sweetie!

Ok, so we had some fun walking around and getting recognized. I wasn’t sure if anyone would realize what I was cosplaying, but I did get several people who spoke to me and complimented me on the costume. Thanks.

Did you know cars can cosplay? On the way in, there was a van that everyone was writing on in chalk. It was a cool idea. Liora wrote “the 11th Doctor” and she found BADWOLF.

IMG_0533   IMG_0534   IMG_0531

I stuck a business card under their windshield. I hope they check out my blog and see their awesome car!

Oh, the celebrities!

Yes, Conventions usually have celebrities and this one was no different. For a complete list, see

I was especially excited to see Noah Wyle   


(Flynn Carson from The Librarians movies and tv show &

Tom Mason from Falling Skies & Dr. Carter from ER of course)


Liora and I really love The Librarians. I remember watching the first movie and being really impressed with the story and Noah Wyle. I hadn’t seen him in anything other than ER and I was surprised by his comedic ability. I became a fan! I’m appreciative that it’s a franchise that I can watch with my 11 year old. We both enjoy it and there is nothing in it that’s inappropriate for her. Thanks for that, whomever is responsible.

I also really enjoy Falling Skies. I believe it’s as good as The Walking Dead. I don’t know how many people watch Falling Skies, but it has great writing and every actor pulls their weight. Some shows take a while to establish themselves, but this was off the ground and running immediately. Keep up the good work folks!

My other geeking out moment was due to Gates McFadden being there! Didn’t we all love her in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Dr. Beverly Crusher?  

IMG_0626 I snapped a pic of these 2, probably shouldn’t have, but I did and now I’m sharing it with you. I don’t know the lovely lady in red, so if you do let her know she’s on here and she can alert us all to her name. She’s looks great in her Star Trek uniform, right?

We were lucky to listen to Gates give a short talk and answer questions. She was really funny and nice. Did you know she lived in Pittsburgh for a while? Right in Squirrel Hill! Wow! I believe she said she worked at CMU (that’s Carnegie Mellon for those who don’t know). How cool is that? She said she really likes the ‘burgh and will be meeting up with friends and former colleagues and students tonight. I hope she has a great time! You are welcome to come back and work here anytime, Gates. Those of us who do theatre, would love to work with you!!!! (Yes, I act in local theatre and film, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before and I’m sure I’ll mention it again.)

IMG_0611  IMG_0615

   Gates McFadden giving her talk.                              Meeting her littlest fan. She was super sweet with him!

A few other snapshots of celebrities.

IMG_0623IMG_0570    IMG_0619

Ari Lehman (Jason) from Friday the 13th.        The General Lee.      John Schneider and Tom Wopatt, the Duke Brothers.

We also met a lot of great cosplayers today. I will share some of them now.

If I didn’t share your pic, it might be because it was blurry, although I may share some blurry ones too. If you were there this weekend and want to share a pic, please do in the comments or send it to me on twitter @GeeksBurgh and I will include it in another post. If you want to identify yourself by name or social media account in the comments, please feel free. Also if you want to follow me on twitter I will follow you back. You can follow this blog on too if you’d like. Twitter will send out updates whenever I post too.,


IMG_0536  IMG_0537  IMG_0542

   IMG_0543     IMG_0548  IMG_0549IMG_0561 IMG_0585   IMG_0552

 IMG_0562  Jennifer Blaze WW

   Hey Jennifer Blaze @JenniferBlaze7 sorry our pic is blurry. Here’s a pic of Jennifer that’s focused from her FB. She was really nice! Hope to see her at the next con.

 IMG_0594IMG_0566 IMG_0600 IMG_0571

    IMG_0599   Yes, that’s right, Spock and River Song. Oh, helloooo sweetie!

Shout out to artist and illustrator John Haun Liora really loved his art.

    IMG_0597   IMG_0595

Shout out to Jesse’s specialty Snacks & Gifts for the AMAZING fudge and other chocolates. We were able to sample so many flavors. Thanks! We ended up buying Belgian Chocolate fudge and we took advantage of their buy 5 get 1 free on their truffle meltaways. I will recommend the sea salt caramel and orange, but it’s all good. You can find them at

Of course there are so many vendors with toys, games, comics, t-shirts, food, collectibles and more. Here are some random shots of stuff we thought was good geeky fun.

IMG_0547   IMG_0550  IMG_0546  IMG_0553  IMG_0555  IMG_0559  IMG_0589  IMG_0602  IMG_0627 IMG_0628

Ok, fellow geeks, I think I have poured out my love for cosplay and fandoms and geeks everywhere enough for one night. I hope you enjoy looking through this and reading about my impressions of the Steel City Con.

As a note, I was not paid or given anything to endorse anyone or anything. This blog is my opinion only, not a review or an endorsement.

Again, if you’re in any pics and want to let me know who you are in the comments or on twitter please do so. Thanks to all the cosplayers, fans, vendors, celebrities and staff who made today a great experience for my daughter and me.

Thanks for reading.


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7 thoughts on “Steel City Con April 11, 2015

  1. You and your daughter looked absolutely adorable dressed up, and thanks for getting a picture with us! I loved your wig by the way 🙂


    1. Thanks, Jenna! It was great meeting you, too. So fun seeing all the cosplayers. If and when you attend another con or do something geeky, let me know. I’m hoping to establish a group of Pittsburgh Geeks who can meet up at cons and events. My daughter had so much fun. I think she’s going to write a blogpost about her experience at con. It’s a whole different experience when you’re 11.


    1. Hi Nicole. You are welcome. I will try to attend Tekko. It looks like a great show! I am experiencing a bit of car trouble today. I hope it can be taken care of by Tuesday and if so I will be at Tekko. I will try to let you know. Great website. Wonderful art! Would you mind if I tweeted about it? Maybe if I make it to Tekko I can interview you. Let me know what you think. You can email me directly at amoscifi@gmail. April


  2. Hey! I was the Peggy cosplayer, and I just wanted to comment and let you know that your blog was adorable! You documented the con well, if I do say so myself! I’m glad you and your daughter had a great time, and I hope you come back again for the August con!

    I don’t have a Twitter, but you can find me and some of the other cosplayers on Facebook here!


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