What is GeeksBurgh?

Hey folks. My 1st blogpost. Pls check it out & follow me on twitter @GeeksBurgh. Pgh Geeks Unite!


Hello friends and neighbors in the Pittsburgh region and beyond!

My name is April May Ohms. I have lived in Pittsburgh, PA, since June 1999. I am lucky to have 2 amazing kids and an adorable cat. You will certainly learn more about these delightful creatures in the near future.

I have been thinking about writing a blog about my adventures around Pittsburgh for about a year and I finally decided to do it! Yay!

I have many interests that excite me greatly. I call this geeking out! You might call it that too. I also consider myself a nerd.

Briefly, I consider geeks and geekiness to be the excitement surrounding an interest. For example, I am a scifi geek because I love scifi in pretty much all forms. I read it (yes, in actual books, people, they are awesome!), watch it on TV and movies, I cosplay…

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