What is GeeksBurgh?

Hello friends and neighbors in the Pittsburgh region and beyond!

My name is April May Ohms. I have lived in Pittsburgh, PA, since June 1999. I am lucky to have 2 amazing kids and an adorable cat. You will certainly learn more about these delightful creatures in the near future.

I have been thinking about writing a blog about my adventures around Pittsburgh for about a year and I finally decided to do it! Yay!

I have many interests that excite me greatly. I call this geeking out! You might call it that too. I also consider myself a nerd.

Briefly, I consider geeks and geekiness to be the excitement surrounding an interest. For example, I am a scifi geek because I love scifi in pretty much all forms. I read it (yes, in actual books, people, they are awesome!), watch it on TV and movies, I cosplay it, I make independent films in that genre, and I am currently writing a novel with a scifi setting and theme. I LOVE science fiction!!!!!

I am however, a Dr. Who nerd. By this I mean that I have seen every episode since the 2005 reboot (some many times), and I have watched many episodes of the original series. I own all of William Hartnell’s episodes. I also know a lot about Dr. Who including the fact that you are supposed to write it out like this: Doctor Who. Ha! Thought you had me there, didn’t you? I spend a lot of time reading blogs and twitter feeds and novelizations and fanfiction etc. about Doctor Who. I cosplay it, etc.

To me knowing a lot about something and spending a lot of time on it makes you a nerd about that. Loving it unconditionally makes you a geek. I am both a nerd and a geek about various things. And often both about the same thing.

Ok, so now that I have settled that matter once and for all….

Why GeeksBurgh? I wanted a name that sounded like Pittsburgh since I will be writing about things in and around this town. I debated between NerdsBurgh and GeeksBurgh. The second one rolls off the tongue better.

Other than scifi, what interests have you, you ask?

  • I geek out over books esp. scifi, historical fiction and mystery.
  • I geek out over ComicCons and Renaissance Festivals and Cosplay.
  • I geek out over history (I am a social sciences nerd too – geography and history esp)
  • I geek out over theatre. (I act at several local theatres – sometimes I set design/paint/decorate and any other job that needs doing.)
  • I geek out over film. (I have been working in the local film industry for about 5 years both on big budget movies and independents. I am filming a webseries called Yesterday’s Tomorrow – You will hear more about that too)
  • I geek out over science! Yay science!
  • I geek out over certain art, music, sports, gardening, exploring the city, my cat, my kids and most recently krav maga.

I hope to spread the word about cool events and people in Pittsburgh so more people can geek out with me.

Example 1 of my geekiness:

Here is my friend Anna and me meeting Henry Winkler at the Steel City ComicCon in Dec. 2014.

I was dressed as a Trill from Startrek:DS9. I also met Terry Farrell. Cue Geekspolosion!

Anna and I are geeking out here and so, it seems, is Henry Winkler.

Thanks for reading.10847858_10205431232803303_2892388718976089886_n (2)

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