Cosplay : The wig condundrum

Wow! Blog post #2 already.

Well, I can’t sleep so I thought I would be a little bit productive.

I want to start talking about cosplay now and continue as I go, constructing a River Song costume. She is a companion on Doctor Who appearing with both the 10th and 11th doctors. David Tenant and Matt Smith respectively. She is played by Alex Kingston. She has been one of my favorite characters since her first episode “Silence in the Library.”

My daughter and I are going to Steel City Comicon this weekend, April 11, 2015. I like to dress up or at least wear a cool t-shirt. This year I am attempting to dress as River as she is in “The Impossible Astronaut.” Jeans, denim jacket, white shirt, holster, belt, gun, boots.

Here she is. River Song. This is the costume I’m attempting to recreate.


I got this pic off of this website.

I hope it’s ok with them that I use it. Thanks for the pic!

When you cosplay, how close do you need to get? I cosplayed as a Trill from Star Trek at the previous Comicon. I didn’t have any clothes that I felt were ST -esque, so I wore a dress and metallic sweater. I painted trill spots on me with stage makep. I think I did a decent job, but I didn’t have a fully formed character. Is that important?

You can see me on the right. If you look closely you can see the Trill spots on my face and neck. Yes, I drew them all the way down my body to my legs and feet! If you’re going to do it, do it as best you can, right?

10847858_10205431232803303_2892388718976089886_n (2)

The question for River was to wig or not to wig? I have long, straight red hair, so I feel like I must wear a wig. River’s hair is blonde and curly and out of control. Even if I were able to curl it, I don’t think I could get my own hair to look like hers, even remotely. It’s also really the wrong color.

I ordered a wig from Amazon (not a paid spokesperson).  I don’t have the exact company in front of me. It ended being much shorter than it looked in the picture. I’m not convinced as I take it out of the package.

Here’s me trying on my River wig right out of the box. Yikes!


I am not convinced this will ever look similar enough. I’m not a wig expert. Anyone have ideas how to tame this a bit?

I decided to use some L’Oreal Smooth Intense Frizz Taming Serum (I am not a paid spokesperson) on the wig. I gently rubbed it on while pulling the curls down and smoothing out the frizz. It worked fairly well. I wore the wig for a while and then attempted to style it a little to try to make it look similar to River’s hair.

Here is the result.

201 203

It looks so much better than it did originally. Yay! Thank you booby pins.

I’m allowing the wig to hang nicely for the whole day tomorrow so hopefully the curls will loosen up some more.

I ordered some other items as well. I got a gun that I think looks pretty close to hers and 2 holsters and a belt. I also got my daughter items for her 11th doctor costume. I will talk about this stuff in another post. It is now 4:13am and I really should try to sleep. I have to work in 5 hours.

Calm the geek down, April. Calm it down.

Nighty night and thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Cosplay : The wig condundrum

  1. I guess it’s your comfort level. I’ve made proton packs, still have my Steel City GB outfit. Some folks spend $$$$$ on accurate costumes. Cheap wigs are cheap wigs. I have one I got a t a wig store in the North Side for $35 and it looks good after several people have used it. I have wigs I got for a dollar on sale and they look like homeless wigs! Your average person won’t care, but fans can be the most critical/cruel.


    1. I think we all want to look good when we cosplay. I guess my initial trepidation was that I hadn’t worn this particular costume before and I wasn’t sure how it was going to look. In the end, I did it for the fun of it so Liora and I could enjoy ourselves and that’s what we did. I got recognized several times as River Song, so I guess it was close enough for that. lol I know people can sometimes we critical of others and that’s what I really dislike about the internet. It’s really easy to be critical and mean when you’re annonymous. Luckily, the the con, everyone was really nice and fun. I guess face to face is better!!!! I think I already knew that, don’t we all know that? Sometimes the internet makes us forget that. All the cosplayers looked great, no matter what level they were at. From the people who wore just a t-shirt to the ones who were movie camera ready and in between. The level of geekiness was amazing!


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